The idea

SCOPES is an open space where driven minds, the future and the city collide. A place to linger a place to celebrate and a place to contemplate. It´s all about constant movement and permanent change. Be prepared for an exciting ride!

SCOPES themes


The space is a hub for ambition and creative realisation. We strive to both, be inspired by the people involved and to inspire them. SCOPES is an encouragement to make up your mind.


The will to change is crucial these days. Being creative essentially means to innovate – to do something in a way that is different to how it has been done before. If by new technology or old techniques, the only condition ist that it must take us a step further.


SCOPES is a community built around visitors and contributors. Removing the boundaries of hierarchy and distance, people are invited and encouraged to come together to exchange ideas, opinions and share experiences.

The experience

Time well spent is time spent with people who not only have something to say, but actions to share. At SCOPES you get to know a hand-picked bunch of pacesetters who all celebrate their visions of the future. Come and join them.

Julia Stoschek Collection

The visionary Julia Stoschek showed some of her collection’s most interesting works at SCOPES. The permanent exhibiton featured art from Britta Thies, Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitsch. We laughed a lot. And fell silent sometimes, too.

Cookies Cream

Nearly every day about noon, the core at SCOPES became a fine little dining place. Heinz „Cookie“ Gindullis and his lovely team created not only exquisite vegetarian meals but an exceptional atmosphere.

Boiler Room

Boiler Room and SCOPES came together to showcase some of the most exciting breaking talents in the world. Multi-disciplinary artists showed their latest vision, blending music and visual art and got people to party like there was no tomorrow.


Breaking the rules of party life, this night was not the usual setting, where the guests just consume the music of the DJs. Instead, we witnessed a mix of talk, life set and get together. And, yes, a big party as well.

Live From Earth Klub

The collective's electronic project "Live From Earth Klub" invited to an electronic excursion of contemporary club music. For this evening the collective’s DJs were teaming up with Yves Tumor (DJ Set) to demonstrate an essence of modern electronic sound from drifting ambient over to relentless, booming techno.

The Box

The Box jetted in from London to host a decent club night at our place. A dinner show with several live acts in the typical „The Box-Style“ all night long. The guests had an incredible time even being involved in the show.


What’s a status symbol for woman? If you ask the goalgirls, it is empowerment. The experts in experimental marketing hosted quite a few events at SCOPES and shared their passion on alternative brand building and creativity.

Frequency Shifts

New, exciting music isn’t always techno or house related. This was proven by Michail Stangl, who curated some extraordinary artists for two special evenings. The audience was intrigued, challenged and bewitched.

Les Animaux Sauvages

A lot of people came to get some fresh ink by LAS. They left wrapped in plactic foil and with a big smile on their faces.

Queer Club

Queer Club was a wonderful night at SCOPES, where the community united and gave visibility to queer people of all kind. Diversity was celebrated with performances of great artists.


Whitelies, the not only self-appointed manual for the modern creative class, celebrated their 6th anniversary at SCOPES. Featuring performances of CURSES and Jeremy Lloyd, the evening was a perfect affair.

Urban Future

Alex Krüger curated a fantastic night at SCOPES featuring synthie-bass star Kid Simius, Hitgiganten, the DJ Duo Hoe Mies, a dance performance by the choreographer Marie Zechiel and the Berlin video artist Dan Schwert


Multisex, developed by Olya Bazilevisch in Moscow in 2016, is an attempt to encourage non-verbal communication on the dance floor. At SCOPES, they were hosting a unique constellation of artists.

Maison Hefner

Getting any tattoo needs trust. But this project was more intimate, than anything else. Maison Hefner wrote his thoughts on the partcipants, without them knowing what he had in mind. Not at all surprising, „My words, your body“ was a big success at SCOPES.

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You want to be kept in the loop about SCOPES and other cool events?

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Stay tuned!