The idea

SCOPES is an open space where driven minds, the future and the city collide. A place to linger a place to celebrate and a place to contemplate. It´s all about constant movement and permanent change. Be prepared for an exciting ride!

SCOPES themes


The space is a hub for ambition and creative realisation. We strive to both, be inspired by the people involved and to inspire them. SCOPES is an encouragement to make up your mind.


The will to change is crucial these days. Being creative essentially means to innovate – to do something in a way that is different to how it has been done before. If by new technology or old techniques, the only condition ist that it must take us a step further.


SCOPES is a community built around visitors and contributors. Removing the boundaries of hierarchy and distance, people are invited and encouraged to come together to exchange ideas, opinions and share experiences.

The experience

Time well spent is time spent with people who not only have something to say, but actions to share. At SCOPES you get to know a hand-picked bunch of pacesetters who all celebrate their visions of the future. Come and join them.

Boiler Room x SCOPES

Experience Boiler Room, a platform for broadcasting underground music events

Frequency Shifts

Enjoy avantgarde music curated by Michail Stangl, Boiler Room maniac.

Cookies Cream

Enjoy Cookies Cream, the finest and hippest vegetarian restaurant in Berlin.

Live From Earth Klub

Meet Live From Earth, an international artist collective from Berlin.

The Box Dinner Show

Experience The Box, a cabaret nightclub known for explicit shows and stage acts.

The place

An old theatre from the 1920s turned into a futuristic place: A space to unite architecture, design and art. Right in the heart of Berlin.

Find us at
Gartenstraße 6
10115 Berlin


SCOPES areas


Julia Stoschek Collection is presenting works from Ryan Trecartin & Lizzie Fitch and Britta Thie. Opening hours are daily from 12pm - 8pm. The gallery is the exhibition space showcasing works that deal with the intersections of society, technology and representation. It is a space for utopian thinking in its many modes and forms.

The core

The former theatre space is where all the great events happen. It's equipped with a SUBESSENZ sound system which - just like the core - combines function, technology and the spirit of Berlin in perfect harmony. Here, you'll enjoy the vegetarian masterpieces of Michelin Star restaurant Cookies Cream.

Mission E by Porsche

In the basement of the beautiful venue you find the mental base of SCOPES: mobility. Here, you'll discover SPECTRA, an immersive installation for the Mission E. SPECTRA is a multi-sensoric experience by Berlin-based designers Johannes Offerhaus, PRSMC and Alex Kassian.

Lots of great events are waiting for you to be discovered – participate now!

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